Welcome to the Big Open Data Hackathon!

San Francisco May 30th – 31st

What will happen when we gather together a talented group of data scientists, developers, statisticians, visualization designers, thinkers, makers and hackers then turned them loose to see what they can create with over 500TB of valuable open data? Who knows? The possibilities are myriad. But one thing is for sure – It Will Be Awesome.

There will be:
*An open data corpus of over 500TB
*Cloud compute credit so you can process data to your heart’s content
*Lots of smart, talented fellow participants
*A great work space at Adobe HQ
*Mentors to guide you and your team
*Presentations from expert speakers
*Meals plus plenty of snacks and beverages

Whether you are highly experienced in working with big data or are a curious newbie, this event is for you. Just bring your creativity and your curiosity, then get ready to have fun, be inspired, hone your existing skills and acquire new skills!

For location details, directions and ride-sharing information, please visit the Big Open Data Wiki.